Welcome to UK Land Power

UK Land Power is a new blog that seeks to start intelligent and informed discussions about defence issues.  Although the site will have a UK and Land emphasis, it will also explore a variety of related areas including Air and Sea Power issues, as well as reviewing other countries’ activities.  Articles posted here will generally be written by people who have served in the British Army, worked in the UK Defence Industry or who are recognised subject matter experts. The topics considered will include UK Government Defence Policy, Equipment Procurement, Military Hardware, Recent Combat Operations, Military History and Defence News. We will consider Command & Control, Doctrine & Tactics, the NATO Alliance and, of course, the Threats we face. We will offer in-depth explorations of hot topics such as Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Infantry Weapons, Artillery systems, Complex Weapons (including antitank guided missiles and anti-aircraft systems), UAVs, Helicopters & other aircraft that support the Land Environment, Communication & Information Technology, and key future trends across these areas.

We invite you to contribute comments and look forward to your views. May we also ask you please to treat authors and other contributors with respect and courtesy, even if you don’t agree with their points of view. Thank you.


  1. Have greatly enjoyed your comments on Twitter. You are always knowledgeable and hard-headed in your views, qualities no doubt stemming from your own Army experience.

    For a long time now I have thought that the British Army has come out worst from Government/MOD policies and that it needed a blogsite specializing in one particular service in order to draw attention to its plight. I wish you every success with it. Look forward to commenting on the articles.


  2. Looks a great blog, if it helps solve some of the long standing issues within the British army then it will be worth it. I look forward to contributing.


  3. Is it possible to keep us informed as to what topics you’re going to write about in the future and when is their possible publish date? Also I bet there are several people who want to contribute so having a list of issues which can be tackled by guest writers would be nice.


    1. The following topics are planned / under consideration:
      – Fixing the British Army: roles, missions, key capabilities and organisation
      – The End of the Tank as We Know it
      – The Case for Simplified Rank Structures
      – Why Wheels and Tracks Should not be Mixed
      – A Review of Cased Telescoped Ammunition
      – Simplifying the British Army’s Fleet of Vehicles.
      – A Review of Modern Assault Rifles
      – Can Medium Velocity 40mm Grenade Launchers Replace the 60mm Mortar?
      If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered do let me know.
      I’m aiming to do the first 2-3 by year end.


      1. Not sure if you as the blogkeeper can see the email adresses behind the nicknames but I’d be glad to help with the 40mm MV replacing 60mm as I have some expertise in that field.

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      2. Now how exactly do I do that? Is it possible that I send my email address in a comment and you filter it out?


  4. As I am not on twitface, been a bit slow to stumble across this blog. Well, now I have and will be absolutely delighted if the balance between shiny kit (even if some are painted grey) and stuff that gets muddy can be addressed in the UK blogosphere.
    – even more so if also what it is (purchased) for will be drilled into (as in our standing in the geopolitical arena and doctrinal issues that together set the preconditions for fielding anything… Global Britain and all that)



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