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Welcome to UK Land Power 

UK Land Power wishes all of our readers a happy and successful new year. Wherever you are from, thank you for your time and interest in this blog. And to all who have made a contribution to the site, thank you for your support. 

Posting comments

Due to an extraordinary amount of spam, it is necessary for all comments to be manually approved. Most of this time, this will be done within minutes of you posting, but always within 8-12 hours. So, if you post something and don’t see it, fear not, it is in the system and will be approved as soon as it can be verified as genuine content.

We are fortunate in that the site is often read by serving soldiers from across NATO, and particularly by British Army personnel. I get great feedback not only about the articles, but also about the comments. So, thanks to all of you for adding to the discussion. But, can I ask a favour? Sometimes the responses are long. In some cases, 1,000+ words! It would be great if you could keep them concise. I am not planning to edit the length of any, but the briefer you can be, the more people will read it. In case you’ve got more to say and want your voice to be heard, why not consider writing an article? 

New Article Topics

In addition to managing this blog, I have a day job, so it isn’t always possible to write articles as regularly as I would like. I will try to do at least one a month. In the meantime, I’m planning to cover the following new topics during the course of 2021:

  • From Bowman to Morpheus – The Transformational Effect of Software-enabled C4I systems
  • The Future of Airborne Forces
  • Strike Brigade development
  • Challenger 2 LEP updates
  • MRVP Updates
  • Small Arms developments
  • ATGM developments
  • British Army helicopters 

If you have ideas for topics you’d like to read about, do let me know. 

Thanks again and best wishes to you all. 

Nicholas Drummond
January 2021